vendredi 5 juillet 2013


Hi friends!

when I started this blog I told myself that I would put pattern for you every Friday....but I FAILED this week...well I have one but I'm not happy with it and I wont put up something I'm not happy with it here

but I can share with you I've been up to this week

first I tried a yarn from Michael's brand loops & threads called kaleidoscope its 100% wool

the color is mardi gras

look at all those color yummy isn't fun thing with this type of yarn its a self striping yarn so every project you'll make with that yarn will be unique and different

its colorfull easy you can do a scarf in one evening nice gift idea

what I did for this scarf
I chained 16
SC in second CH from hook the SC for the rest so 15 SC CH1 turn
then I SC in Back loop for the others row to give the ribbed look at the end of each row
CH 1 and turn
then do again SC in back loop that's it simple as that

this scarf will be available on my Etsy shop  in September

speaking of Etsy....OMG I'm so addicted to this web site

I ordered new hook <3

look at them I love them I got one

Susan Bates 4 mm hook with a lovely polymer clay handle from:

4 mm hook are my go too hook for Amigurumi and lately I used it a lot but started to feel weird in my right hand caus I was holding a small object in my hand so I went an choosed this hook with bigger handle so it will be ore comfortable to hold plus its really cute
and since these are my working tools I think its important to love the tools you work with

and I got 2 Tunisian hook in bamboo

I love them they work so nicely its sooooo smooth
I got them from
 I bought a 11.5 mm hook and a 8 mm hook
even if they are big they are very light
im really impresse by bamboo hook

so that's about it for this week

ill kick myself to be able to put a pattern next week <3

see you next time

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