mercredi 24 avril 2013

pinata hello kitty

Today i'll show you how I made the hello kitty piñata for my daughter B-Day it's simple fun and very cheap to do

ok first you'll notice that I painted it. The only reason why is that I didn't want to used more paper for something that will get smash and throw to the recycling bin

so you will need:
- a box ( I used a diaper box)
-a glue gun
-couple of glue stick
-pair of scissors
-paint ( I used kid paint white, black, red and yellow)

first I draw I quick outline and I have to admit I CHEATED I used my cake mold

so you'll need to draw two face and two bow

will I was working my cat was hungry so that's why she's on almost all of the picture
also I kept the pieces of box where's my scissors to do the side of the piñata

cant work with her she was pushing my pen

so now you can start cutting

now I suggest you to shape the rectangle so it will be easier to glue to the head
like this

see again xD

so at that point get your glue gun ready be careful not to burn or glue yourself
and quit tip: if your box as logo on one side put the glue on that side and leave the blank side for the paint
when the glue is hot enough start to follow the line of the head 4/5 inch at the time and put the rectangle piece to start forming the 3D piece when the first piece is done glue the other one together

and an other important note leave a hole big enough to fill you piñata once you put what you want in it close it with two pieces of bow
I used a ribbon and a popsicles stick that I glued to the inside so that way I can hang the piñata

now start to paint everything

and their you go now you can used your imagination and create different piñata it's way cheaper like this hey I wont pay 20$ to destroy it :p

see you next time

lundi 22 avril 2013

Amigurumi "Aurora" inspire

The other I was browsing on watching others work when I saw Disney princess amigurumi they were sooo cute I was instantly inspire....I had to make some

since the birthday of my oldest was coming soon I tough it could be fun for her to get a little surprise plus she wanted an Aurora doll for quite a while now so when she at school I made it for her

first you will need 2 shade of pink one darker, one lighter, beige, yellow and white
the hook size will depend on what type of yarn you are using just make sure we can't see the stuffing
2 eyes
yarn needle

*note: -for the decrease (DEC) I used the back loop in a 3D piece like this its less visible
           -this project will be made in spiral that means no chaining one at the beginning of each row

magic circle 6 SC in it
r1: 2 sc in ea sc around (12 SC)
r2: SC, 2 SC in same SC around (18 SC)
r3: SC in the next 2 SC, 2 SC in same SC (24 SC)
r4: SC in the next 3 SC, 2 SC in same SC (30 SC)
r5: SC in the next 4 SC, 2 sc in same SC (36 SC)
r6: SC in the next 5 SC, 2 SC in same SC (42 SC)
r7-10: SC around (42 SC)
r11: SC in the 4 SC, DEC  2 SC (36 SC)
r12: SC around (36 SC)
r13: SC in the next 3 SC, DEC  2 SC (30 SC)
r14: SC around (30 SC)
r15: SC in the next 2 SC, DEC  2 SC (24 SC)
r16-17: SC around (24 SC)

with lighter pink

joinning in front loop

r18: SC around
r19: *4 SC, SLST, 4 SC* around

cut yarn and sew to the last row of the skirt


magic circle 6 SC in it
r1:2 SC in each SC(12 SC)
r2: 1 SC in the next SC, 2 SC in same SC (18 SC )

attach the body to the skirt where the  remaining back loop
r3-7 : SC around (18 SC)

you should stuff the body now

with white join in front loop sc for 16 SC

CH 1 turn sc around (16 SC)

cut yarn weave in the end

with beige

join with the back loop stitch

SC  around (18 SC)
SC, DEC 2 SC (12 SC)


magic circle 6 SC in it ( 6 SC)
r1: 2 SC in each SC ( 12 SC)
r2: SC, 2 in same SC (18 SC)
r3: SC in the next 2 SC, 2 SC in same SC (24 SC)

you should start to cover the top of the head with yellow/golden yarn

 cut strand of yarn about 6/7 inch each pull your hook trough the head 2/3 strand at the time tie it together continue till you have enough to cover the top of the head 
r4-11: SC around (24 SC)
r12: SC in the next 2 SC, DEC in 2 SC (18 SC)
r13: SC in 1 SC, DEC in 2 SC (12 SC)
r14: SC around (12 SC)

stuff head

join with body add eye

make 2

 with beige
magic circle 6 SC in it

r1: 6 SC around (6 SC)

switch to light pink

r2-10: SC around (6 SC)

cut yarn leave a tail long enough to join to the body

weave in all remaining tail

and that's it!!!!! should look like this

see you next time

What a week end!

finally yesterday we celebrated our daughter she was so happy to see every one and after a day of intensive cooking I was tired lol but very happy to see the family and my dear friend with her daughter the kids played together and the grown up talked about everything!

Friday I cooked and prepare every thing

Rebecka was my little helper

cakes fresh from the oven 1 hello kitty cake and 36 cupcakes

chocolate chip cookie dough to make truffles that was so amazing I double the recipe and I didn't regret it people loved it that's were I find it

if you're a chocolate chip cookie dough lover like me you should try it its egg free and sooooo yummy

finaly Friday night I frosted the cake

not bad for my try :p

and OMG the cupcakes I used nutella buttercream frosting

here's the recipe found it on pinterest

for my butter cream I like to whip to butter for at least 5 to 10 min or until to butter lighten up and become almost white so you'll have a very very fluffy and light frosting

these were like nutella cloud!!!!

and Saturday the kids got to destroy the piñata

they love destroying those thing!

and heres my big girl meeting her Aurora amigurumi

does she look happy???

that's about it for my week end

see you next time

jeudi 18 avril 2013

crafting, cleaning and cooking

OMG can't belive that tomorow its friday! i'm getting ready for saturday birthday party.
So i did and still have lots of preparation to do i did a cute hello kitty pinata

thats a sneak peek

and theirs my little helper

ok i have to admit she was more a distraction

today i was doing sweet treats heres a sneak peek

tomorow my kitchen will be busy i have to do the cake do other sweat threat and i have to do my last minute shopping
oh and wrap this cutie
i have note that i have to turn into a pattern
so thats all for tonight heres a last picture of my 6 years old enjoing her new gift last sunday

good night everyone


lundi 15 avril 2013

Happy B-Day

6 years ago i gave birth to my oldest daughter time fly so fast :/
so its kinda ironic that i start a new blog today about my life as a mom and thing i love you'll see lots of crochet project, D,I,Y, review, recipe, and of course glimpse of my life as a mom of 4