lundi 22 avril 2013

What a week end!

finally yesterday we celebrated our daughter she was so happy to see every one and after a day of intensive cooking I was tired lol but very happy to see the family and my dear friend with her daughter the kids played together and the grown up talked about everything!

Friday I cooked and prepare every thing

Rebecka was my little helper

cakes fresh from the oven 1 hello kitty cake and 36 cupcakes

chocolate chip cookie dough to make truffles that was so amazing I double the recipe and I didn't regret it people loved it that's were I find it

if you're a chocolate chip cookie dough lover like me you should try it its egg free and sooooo yummy

finaly Friday night I frosted the cake

not bad for my try :p

and OMG the cupcakes I used nutella buttercream frosting

here's the recipe found it on pinterest

for my butter cream I like to whip to butter for at least 5 to 10 min or until to butter lighten up and become almost white so you'll have a very very fluffy and light frosting

these were like nutella cloud!!!!

and Saturday the kids got to destroy the piñata

they love destroying those thing!

and heres my big girl meeting her Aurora amigurumi

does she look happy???

that's about it for my week end

see you next time

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