mercredi 24 avril 2013

pinata hello kitty

Today i'll show you how I made the hello kitty piñata for my daughter B-Day it's simple fun and very cheap to do

ok first you'll notice that I painted it. The only reason why is that I didn't want to used more paper for something that will get smash and throw to the recycling bin

so you will need:
- a box ( I used a diaper box)
-a glue gun
-couple of glue stick
-pair of scissors
-paint ( I used kid paint white, black, red and yellow)

first I draw I quick outline and I have to admit I CHEATED I used my cake mold

so you'll need to draw two face and two bow

will I was working my cat was hungry so that's why she's on almost all of the picture
also I kept the pieces of box where's my scissors to do the side of the piñata

cant work with her she was pushing my pen

so now you can start cutting

now I suggest you to shape the rectangle so it will be easier to glue to the head
like this

see again xD

so at that point get your glue gun ready be careful not to burn or glue yourself
and quit tip: if your box as logo on one side put the glue on that side and leave the blank side for the paint
when the glue is hot enough start to follow the line of the head 4/5 inch at the time and put the rectangle piece to start forming the 3D piece when the first piece is done glue the other one together

and an other important note leave a hole big enough to fill you piñata once you put what you want in it close it with two pieces of bow
I used a ribbon and a popsicles stick that I glued to the inside so that way I can hang the piñata

now start to paint everything

and their you go now you can used your imagination and create different piñata it's way cheaper like this hey I wont pay 20$ to destroy it :p

see you next time

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