jeudi 2 mai 2013

The sun is back

finaly weather is getting warmer life is starting to show

and I feel like I've been crocheting non-stop the past week so far I've made

this cute NY Yankees baby cap for a friend

its a simple newsboy hat with the NY logo in felt that I glued (I used material glue) the the cap

then I finish those two

aren't they cute????

I filmed video tutorial on youtube if you wanna see how I made them

Click here  for the tutorial

the froggy version will be in French (I still need to edit it)

both of them are available on my Etsy shop ^^

check em out

and yesterday I finish this baby graaaaaaaaaaawr

a friend ask me to do a gift for her nephew

right now i'm working on a owl and this time I should have a pattern ;)

see you next time


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