lundi 23 septembre 2013

Lacy lace infinity scarf

Hi everybody for this pattern we will be making a scarf not that supper warm type of scarf but that pretty looking more of an accessories type of scarf I will also but a link for a video tutorial if you need help with the stitchs pattern

This is my 6 years old posing :p

so first you will need yarn of your choice and a hook that works for your yarn

then start by doing a  chain 180

join the last chain with the first by doing a slip stitch make sure you DON'T twist the chain I made the mistake -_-

Row 1: CH 1, SC in same ST * CH 3, skip 2 ST, SC * repeat * all around

Row 2: CH 3, * 3 DC in CH 3 space, CH 3, SC in CH 3 space * repeat * all around

Row 3: CH 1, SC in same ST, CH 3, SC, CH 3, SC, CH 3, SC .... all around

Row 4-12: alternate row 2 and 3

Row 13: SC all around

That's it

you can see how I work the stitch Here

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