mercredi 11 juin 2014

Flavored water

Well we all know water is important to us, we need water to live. Our body is in majority water  so its important to keep our body hydrated.

Water is important to flush toxin and make sure our organs work well

in average a man needs 13 cups (around 3L) and a woman needs 9 cups (around 2.2L)

but theirs always exception like the weather in hot temperature, pregnant woman or breast feeding moms, some health problem like bladder infection, fever or vomiting and of course exercise in those case you should drink more water.

But water alone can be boring but other drink contain sugars and lots of unwanted calories water is still the best option.

So what about flavor to add to water we can find all sorts of flavor in grocery store you just have to pour some in your glass of water...

Well is not as natural as only water

But I have an alternative to store bought flavoring its simple and you can customize your flavors to your taste

just use fruit or some veggie even some herbs

you can slice a cucumber put it in a pitcher add water and you have cucumber flavored water with no sugar or preservative added

I'll show you an other way

I took fresh mint from my garden

wash them then cut the leaves  

put them in a pitcher add water and let it rest overnight the next you'll have mint flavored water

now you can play with flavor like mint/strawberry, lemon, citrus, mint/cucumber you have so many option just make sure to wash everything before use organic its safer   

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