mardi 27 août 2013

20 Things About Me You Probably Didn’t Know

earlier this week I was looking I was looking on my facebook newsfeed and the lovely Chandi from
expression fiber arts post a 20 things about me you probably didn't know and I tough I was a great idea to share some fun facts with you!

1. I'm a dreamer: I am really my mind go away really easily day dreaming

2. Coffee addiction: ok that's an easy one but you have no idea its not like I need to drink ALOT of it but I need it to start my day I get headache if I don't drink any

3. Happy taught: I believe that to be happy you have to be positive you cant be happy in seeing all negative around you

4. shy?: I'm a shy person that's why I wont start a conversation I'm not anti-social I'm just very VERY shy

5. Bathroom product: this is something I try to control myself I can't just have one body wash or on shampoo I need to have different same thing for face product I currently have 3 different face wash

6. sensitive: I'm a sensitive person especially if someone is sad or cry it will get me I can watch cartoon and if the scene is sad I might cry or I'll have to go away cause I know it will make me cry

7. overly cute thing: I just can't resist I'll admit I'm a child at heart just for an example  my cell phone wallpaper and msg alarm is Pikachu

8. I don't have a favorite color: I love purple yeah but I cant say that I can commit to only one favorite color I depend on my mood or the season....

9. Spiders: I hate... killing them I always bad after killing one

10. Hair: my hair care routine is wash and brush... I really suck at doing my hair I don't even blow dry them I just let them dry by their self

11. life: I believe that everything that happened in my life was meant to be everything I go through is for a reason

12. Farm: I always dreamed to have my own farm

13. Lake: I don't feel safe swimming in a lake especially if I don't see the bottom I so scared that something will grab me

14. weird dreams: my dreams I always weird sometimes its scared me that my brain can imagine that

15. Animals: I'm more comfortable with animals than with humans animals don't judge you

16. Summer: I don't really like summer I hate being sweaty from just walking I hate heat weave i get grumpy when its too hot

17. Reese's: is my favorite candy bar I'm in love with PB and chocolate

18. Mascot: I'm scared of them not knowing who's inside the costume....

19. In bed...: I can't sleep if my feet are uncover no matter how hot it can get my feet need to be cover

20. wine/beer: I like beer more than wine

so here's my 20 things about me you probably didn't know hope you enjoy it let me know about you in the comments below i would love to get to know you <3

see you next time

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