mardi 13 août 2013

Hot air balloon festival

Hey friend

Saturday we went to an annual festival held in the city we live kids
 love it mainly for these

they spent most of the day in these structure running around having fun

but at a certain point of the day we had to stop them for lunch

then hubby wanted to try a "driving simulator" or something like that I was happy to get comfy couch
while we waited for him

then we went to do a bunch of activity we try an ooowy goooowy stuff kids love it
and its quite simple to do at home just mixt  equal part of corn starch and water and it will make a weird paste you can add food coloring if you wish

after we let the kids play a bit more

so after that it was time for the hot air balloon

this is the balloon some are from the U.S some from France and Europe even from Brazil

We're waiting and getting a little refreshment

and then THE moment arrive

balloon are starting to lift off

look at her face

 tuxedo balloon Sir Prize from New Jersey


and then the special form balloon

this is Scuba diver from Brazil

Pea-Nut from Pennsylvania

behind Scuba we can see Fire hydrant from New York

Miss Daisy from south Carolina

I think they had fun they we're so tired when we got home
speaking of home this is the view we have every evening of the week



ok see you next time friend

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